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This blog, I dedicate to my husband Dr. Unmana Sarangi for whom these all are made possible. Initially we had an ordinary camera, which I used very often to click family photos and photos of places and occasions during our visits. But due to the lengthy process of getting positives from the photo negatives and also due to the low quality of the photos I desperately needed a digital camera to which proposal my husband agreed instantaneously and purchased a SONY DSC-W35 camera for me. My joys saw no bounds. I wanted to make the best use of my camera. If someone asks me that after long four years hence owning of that camera how best I have been using it so far, my answer would be as follows... "My camera compelled me to see everything I come across with a special vision- the vision of beauty and love. My camera also taught me that everything we see in the visible world has a subtle power of conveying something very close to truth or truth itself. It also has assured that human consciousness has immense potentiality of poetic, artistic and spiritual vision that man can establish upon nature. In this process one ordinarily vision becomes aesthetic and loverly (Bilaasi o Premika) and can discover his propelling bonding with the other."
I am no trained photographer; also I don't have an aspiration to become one. I expect no returns in terms of money from my piled up photos clicked at several beautiful moments of my life. Only I love to glance and communicate with them to make them companions of my own solitary world analogue to the occupied one.
My husband understands and respects my interests. He stops by every place with much patience where I desire to click a photo during our visit to a nearby park, temple or an out state trip. This way also he along with my daughter are accredited to most of the photos in my photo library. Many photos are blurred, very loud or low, but yet I have a habit of storing them and loving them. I have a bonding with the photos as they are the witnesses of my intimacy with moments.

My first few clicks as an experimentation with digital camera on 4/11/2008 the very day when the camera was purchased ...lol The Mogra and Champa flowers then were blooming profusely in the small place for planting in our rented house. Now these plants are no more; but the divinely scents of those flowers are still smelling within my heart as sweet as they used to be earlier to elevate the senses.... 
Hope these scents will also touch my friends who visit this photo blog.

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